Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Perth

Commercial Window Cleaning

Our team at Masters Co are leading providers of commercial and high rise window cleaning in Perth. Our window cleaners are highly-qualified professionals who have been trained in rope access, BMU’s ( building maintenance units)  EWP’s  (elevated work platforms) and on-the-job safety, regardless of the size of your property.

With all commercial properties we attend, Masters Co will prepare a written Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) in accordance with the current statutory requirements and we will arrange and obtain council permits if necessary before we undertake any commercial window cleaning work with you.

At Masters Co, our director Damon Gillies has been working with corporate bodies, strata and building managers for the last 20 years. Damon understands the various challenges that are associated with high rise and commercial window cleaning for business owners in Perth.

With a huge array of experience in all aspects of window cleaning services in Perth from shop front windows to high-rises containing multiple storeys, Masters Co company is confident that we can find the right solution to meet your commercial window cleaning needs!

Save Time and Money

At Masters Co, we use a filtration process known as Pure Water Technology. This process removes all chemicals and minerals from the water that’s then pumped through a telescopic pole through to the brush head to reach the surface being cleaned.

By using 100% filtered water and no additional soap or chemicals, your windows will be sparkling clean for longer and once dried will be left free of any streaks or spots.

In using Pure Water Technology, we are able to clean up to a maximum of six storeys without any extra access equipment such as elevated work platforms or building maintenance units. The cost-effective process creates less disturbance to the everyday operation of your business.

man cleaning window
Commercial window Cleaning

Using EWP’s (Elevated Work Platforms)

Within our Perth commercial window cleaning team, we have highly-experienced, licensed technicians who are proficient operators of EWP units, including scissor lifts and 65ft boom lifts. The application of EWP units gives our team greater diversity for access requirements. At times there are areas of buildings that cannot be accessed by any other means than EWP’s. We have technicians who are fully trained, licensed and insured to operate everything from scissor lifts to boom lifts (often called cherry pickers). We have at our disposal a wide range of access equipment that not only enables us tackle those difficult areas but with todays advancement in technology allows us to do so with a very small footprint. This ensures minimal disturbance to you and your clients.

Using BMU’s (Building Maintenance Units)

At Masters Co, we have a team of highly-experienced, qualified and fully insured technicians who can expertly tackle larger high-rise buildings. Our policy on occupational health and safety and use of WMS (Work Method Statements), and JSA (Job Safety Analysis) ensures that we always carry out our works with the greatest of care. BMU’s enable access to the exterior of even the highest of buildings to provide safe and efficient window cleaning. As Masters Co has been in business for 20 plus years we have come across and used a wide variety of building maintenance units (BMU’s). Our team are highly trained in the latest AS/NZS 4488 working at heights legislation and the standards and safety requirements necessary to operate these units. Some of these include knowledge of weather conditions, safety barrier protection for public, pre start equipment inspection, risk assessments, JSA’s and take 5 protocals.

Traditional Window Cleaning

At Masters Co, we always go that extra mile to make sure that your frames and sills are left free of debris and cobwebs and are presented in the cleanest possible condition.

We clean a diverse range of ground floor windows, including

  • Modern Glass Windows (interior and exterior)
  • French Windows
  • Victorian Windows
  • Square Sill Windows

Our Additional Services

Our Perth commercial window cleaning highly trained team are always on hand to accommodate the unique needs of your commercial property.

Our additional services include:

  • Glass Cleaning
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Water Fed Pole Pure Water Window Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Glass Balustrade Cleaning
  • Glass Canopy Cleaning
  • Façade Cleaning
  • Window Sealing

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