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Height Safety Perth Anchor Point Installation, Inspections and Certification

MASTERS Co. pride themselves on safety and to keep up to date with your buildings latest safety regulations we have qualified and trained safety inspectors to carry out site inspections and testing of harnesses, lanyards and permanently installed systems. Our team follow the guidelines as stated out in OSH Regulation 3.51, AS/NZS 1891.4, OSH Regulation 3.53.

Harnesses, lanyards and permanently installed systems are effective in minimizing the risk of working at heights. To do this properly they must be in good working order.

To find out more about this or to arrange an inspection, call one of our friendly staff on 1800 222 717 or go to our enquiry page here.

Our services include:

  • Anchor testing and anchor point certification completed by industry professionals
  • Anchor point and heigh safety system installation
  • Equipment is properly installed to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Expert advice that aligns with Australian Standards
  • We inspect every piece of equipment on-site for wear or faults and report on any issues we may find.

Here are some of the common products we install and certify:

Concrete Mount Anchor

The AP125 is a low-profile concrete mount anchor for fall arrest or rope access use.

      • Fall arrest / rope access use

      • 15kN rated

      • Simple installation using standard components

    • Low profile neat appearance

Top Mount Rope Access Anchor

Top Mount Rope Access Anchor

The AP141 top mount rope access anchor is designed for fast installation and ultimate strength. Installed in pairs for use as a primary rope access connection always use with a backup/rescue anchor.

      • Fall arrest/rope access use

      • 15kN rated (fall arrest)/12kN rated (rope access)

      • Swivel eyelet with load-absorbing design eliminates snap-hook roll-out

      • Easy installation

      • Also available in a wide deck configuration

    • Weight: 2.8kg

Metal Deck Static Line System

Metal Deck Static Line System

The SL1 metal deck static line is a proprietary fall arrest system suitable for multiple users, providing a high level of safety for workmen and maintenance personnel requiring safe access to plant and equipment. The system offers continuous attachment and incorporates low profile, high quality components which can be used in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications using the required system traveller.

      • Fall arrest use

      • 22kN rated

      • Multi user capability

      • Advanced energy absorbing technology

      • Smooth intermediate pass-through system

      • Simple installation using modular components

    • Low profile system with powder coating option

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