High Rise Window Cleaning in Perth

Our team has over 20 years experience working in BMU’s ( building maintenance units) and Rope access. We are have an excellent understanding of Perth weather and wind conditions and how and when to compete the cleaning on high rise buildings. Our high rise window cleaning services have a flawless safety record, with a team who qualified and experienced in Working at Heights and Rope Access. All of our rope-access cleaning jobs are meticulously planned before the commencement of each project. This ensures that our service is completely safe and incident-free.

With the number of high-rise buildings in Perth increasing all the time brings the challenging task for facilities managers to schedule regular cleaning of a building exterior. As one of Perth’s first high rise window cleaning companies, we pride ourselves on fast, efficient and environmentally responsible service delivering outstanding clean crystal clear views every time.

From smaller high rises to massive sky-scraping high rise buildings we are the team for the job. Whether it be ten windows or 1000, know that we have the skills, the determination, and the desire to clean them all in the very best possible manner we can.

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