Pure Water Cleaning

In the 80’s, Water-Fed Poles (WFP) started to be used in window cleaning.

It was great, however there was a hitch 🙁  The result was determined by the quality of the water.  Over the years, Perth water, which was mainly good quality dam water, has been added to by deep ground water.  Perth water measures at between 200 and 700 ppm.

Tap water starts leaving marks on glass from 30 ppm.  So, the effect of cleaning windows in Perth with a WFP and using tap water was pretty well doomed.

In the mid 90’s, some bright spark figured that if you could purify the tap water on-site, this would solve the problem.  Hospitals use a purification method called DeIonisation.  So, we at MWC, mounted a DI unit on a trailer along with the hundreds of metres of hoses with the long poles.  Presto!  Perth’s first window cleaning company with an efficient method of combining WFP’s and DI.  We are still using that trailer!

Hang on!!  What if there’s no tap around?  RO is the answer!  Reverse Osmosis produces water sloooowly, so we filter our water overnight and place it in a 500 ltr tank and take it on another trailer to the worksite – ergo, no need for taps 🙂


Many houses also have colonial windows, you know, those little pains (sic), sorry, panes.  These can be a real pain to clean In most cases, spot-free water can be used to clean them in 1/4 the time.

Pure Spot-Free water also enables Masters Co to access the most difficult places.


Some windows can be very hard to access. We have the answer!


Masters Co can filter water on-site and by using ultra light aluminium and recently, Carbon Fibre extension poles, we can reach windows up to 5 storeys high. The water is filtered to Spot-Free quality and will leave windows sparkling without the need for a squeegee. Ideal for commercial and residential where the access is limited. This system is also great for colonial windows, too.

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