The best way for an accurate quote is to just call Brett and arrange an on-site quote.  0419 049 084 or 1800 777 212 or use the contact tab. 
It’s my job to see your house and give you an accurate quote and explain the discounts available.  On-site quotes are not always possible, but where I can, I’d like to actually see the house.

Below is an overview of our quote formula.  Count your sets, call me and I’ll give you the cost.

Each room in your house generally has one set of windows.  The larger living areas may have two or more.

We charge per set.  This price is an averaged price so you don’t have to worry about whether it’s a large set or a small set.

There are always exceptions though!  The main ones are….

  • If they are colonial type.. Small panes etc.
  • If the techs have to clean them from a ladder.These are usually counted as 2 sets instead of one.

Most modern houses will easily be quoted by this method.  Colonial & Louvres can make it difficult, as can some weird architect designs.


  • Sliding doors are a set.
  • Don’t count single pane sets like toilet windows.
  • If it has more than 6 panes, it may be counted as 2 sets

The chart below may help you out.

* For current prices per set, please use our Contact Form or call Brett direct on 0419 049 084
** The quoted price is for glass cleaning only.  Flyscreens and tracks are wiped over, but if you want them specially done, we will charge for that.

Def of Sets

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